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SmartlyU SEL Program

SmartlyU is a high-impact program for Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Over the past three years, SmartlyU’s in-class SEL program has transformed thousands of children in more than 40 schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our SEL program builds self-confidence, resilience, communication and leadership skills with developmentally appropriate content for K-8.

SmartlyU is growing – Palo Alto, Los Altos, San Carlos, Menlo Park, Atherton, San Francisco, San Jose and nationally in Utah, Philadelphia, Delaware and more!

SmartlyU is the technological support for SEL that we've been looking for. It gives both parents and teachers the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with children around topics that are relevant to them. It can be both an excellent discussion starter for teachers as well as a tool for reinforcing social skills. - Bill Overton, Principal

I'm so glad I became aware of this program! Our entire district is using SmartlyU. Our students are able to talk through real life examples and discuss best practices in dealing with those scenarios if they ever happen to them. - Julie Jobak, Middle School Child Counselor

I use SmartlyU in my “buddy class” consisting of 2nd graders and 4th graders. We discuss social and emotional issues that come up using the activities from within SmartlyU. My students really enjoy the SmartlyU format and I find with SmartlyU my students are building an emotional vocabulary essential to Social and Emotional Learning. - Lu Sun, Elementary School Teacher

A huge benefit to having access to SmartlyU is that when something needs to be addressed, I can find a scenario to use with my class and address a need immediately. The interface is easy to use and I can find what I need without stressing myself out and getting right to dealing with the matter at hand. - Pam Lobner. Elementary School Teacher

Overview of the SmartlyU Social and Emotional Learning Program

SmartlyU Social and Emotional Learning Competencies

The SmartlyU social and emotional learning program consists of 40 competencies across five categories:
Relationship Skills | Managing Emotions | Personal Development | Self Awareness | Organization Skills

Real-Life Scenarios for Each Competency

The program has hundreds of such scenarios that make it an experiential learning platform. The SmartlyU scenarios take children into realistic situations that occur in their day-to-day life -- setting the stage for Social and Emotional Development. Through the process of facilitation by the teacher, children are able to have a dialogue around the competency and internalize the concepts.

SmartlyU provides a Competency Guide for each Competency. The Competency Guide gives educators a child counselor’s overview of the Competency and its importance. SmartlyU provides strategies for teachers, parents and children to learn and master the competency. The strategies are real and easy to implement at home and in the classroom. SmartlyU has hundreds of fun activities for children to do in the classroom or at home. Taking into consideration the developmental differences in children, we have created activities that are grade-specific.

We believe that the best way to teach children Social and Emotional Skills is for the parents, teacher and child to have an active dialogue. With that in mind, SmartlyU provides educators the tools to assign home materials for the parents to be a part of the development process of these important skills.